The AeroCure One air purifier 3D-UV technology is powerful enough to eliminate mold in the home, building or office.

We all know that mold can be dangerous, but do you really know just how dangerous it can be to the human body?

Even if you are meticulous about keeping your home clean, mold hides. It hides in fabrics, air ducts, walls, floors,

ceilings, and carpets in dark areas and where vacuums fail to reach. These places are most susceptible to moisture, where the mold then connects with and feeds off dust, finds moisture and oxygen, and begins to grow and spread, rapidly. This is why kitchens, bathrooms and basements are favorite locations. Read this New York Times article for more on mold’s secret hiding places.

153230_31c8e76c1e9040feb19f32f2073a90e4Some mold, when inhaled, can latch on to the lining of the lungs, the perfect environment for it to thrive. This can cause asthma and even permanent lung damage.

That’s pretty serious.

One of our customers recently shared a story with us: He had the unfortunate experience, like a lot of people, of discovering mold in his bathroom. After contacting a mold remediation company to remove the physical mold in his bathroom, he knew that the mold had bloomed and, therefore, some of it had gone airborne.  That’s when he called us at AeroCure One and began asking questions. After that conversation, he purchased two AeroCure One units and additional filters. After just one week, running both of the units 24/7, he had his house retested and the results were clear. All of the airborne mold had been successfully killed and eliminated with the AeroCure One and its powerful 3D-UV reactor.


HEPA filters alone, can’t catch everything. They are great for pollen, but they aren’t strong enough to handle mold alone, and can actually push contaminants back into the air. Unlike most air purifiers, the AeroCure One does not just rely on its powerful, medical grade HEPA filter.

That’s why we constructed the patent-pending 3D-UV reactor, which is unique in the industry and exclusive to the AeroCure One.

Our unique 4-step cleaning process ensures that all living contaminants are destroyed. Air is first pulled through the

AeroCure One carbon filter, to remove odors it then passes through a pleated filter to remove dust and dirt, the 3D-UV, ozone free reactor, kills living contaminants before pushing it through the HEPA filter for final disinfection. Our testing has proven that the AeroCure One system efficiently cleans air and thoroughly kills 99% of mold, germs, bacteria and viruses.

Stop worrying about the silent danger of mold and buy an AeroCure One today. #BreatheEasier