Sorry it’s been a while since our last blog post, but things have been super busy in the world of Aerocure and Aerobiotix. Summer is usually a bit of a downtime in the air purification biz – spring allergy season is waning and fall colds and flu season is yet to come. It’s a great time to work on research and development. We have some very exciting products we are working on, which will really push the limits of what an air purifier can do.

First, we are continuing to make improvements in the Aerocure One. Even though the units may look pretty much the same externally, we are currently on version 3.1 of this system. Since its introduction, we have continually improved almost every aspect of this unit – making it quieter, stronger, more efficient. Our most recent change has been the introduction of the new 3.1 HEPA filter, which has an improved seal between the filter and unit.

That’s one of the fun things about being a small company – if we see an opportunity to improve the product, we just do it. We listen intently to customer feedback. Since we are the manufacturer, the line of communication is short. In fact its pretty much zero. As I type this in my office, I am looking out of my window onto the manufacturing floor as the units are being built. See, we have the expertise to design and manufacture right here. Yay Ohio!


We are getting close to launching the AeroCure DNA 1.0 unit. It has recently passed electrical safety testing, (we don’t want to make anything shocking) and we hope to get the first units up on the website and Amazon within the next few weeks. This unit is a beast – designed for high flow, and uses a 95% MERV filter instead of a true HEPA. Most of our competition would call that a HEPA, but we won’t. It excels at trapping larger particles of dust and pollen. Also, it has a new carbon honeycomb prefilter for odor control. Since this unit really isn’t focused on biologicals, and to keep down the price point, we are forgoing a UV system for now.

After that, we are working on the next version of our top of the line biological system, which will be called, appropriately enough, the AeroCure BIO. This unit will be incorporating a number of brand new technologies, and will really push the technology envelope. Lasers anyone?  Anyway, I have already said too much…

Keep breathing easy,
Dr. K